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Chazzy Patel is a freelance photographer, avid traveller and author of High Season: The Learnings of Mohammad Wang, the first book in a trilogy that he began writing in 2012 and completed in 2016.  


He is currently planning to circumvent the planet on two motorized wheels starting 2019. Chazzy calls London, England and Denver, Colorado home and oddly enjoys a quiet life, collecting rare cameo brooches and painting on walls.


Most of this site is about written work by Chazzy Patel. If you are interested in photography, please visit the link below (The site will be updated in 2019)


This is a humorous and yet thought-provoking book with a wonderful premise and a neat adventure plot. It is very creative and clever. It will make a super movie, so make sure you keep the screen rights. Thank you for sharing High Season with me. It's exactly the type of adventure story I love to read and the insights into amnesia and into your view of today's society truly do leave the reader having learned something from Mohammad Wang. 

Joanna Martin,

Scribendi Editor

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High Season - The Learnings of Mohammad Wang by Chazzy Patel is an exciting read with a very fascinating plot that lures you into the quest of solving the mystery together with the central character. Chazzy Patel created a memorable setting, an intriguing plot, and engaging characters, all of which he blended into one captivating mystery. I enjoyed following the story of the two-in-one character as he rediscovered himself and began to live again. High Season - The Learnings of Mohammad Wang is, from the very start, set to be an interesting read a nd at several points it delivers on that promise.

Faridah Nassozi  - Readers’ Favorite​



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