Mexico's Ghost Island: Bermeja

If and when it existed, a-100 km northwest of the Yucatan Peninsula, an isle known as the Isla de Bermeja is supposed to sit surrounded by turquoise water and a complete paradise. The existence of the mysterious island was established on documented maps made between 1535 to 1775. After which its puzzle encircled the island after an expedition in look for the paradise returned without any trace. And its vanished out of geographic and historical records. In 1857, Bermeja reappeared on a chart and from then till 1946, the mysterious island was contained in the publications released by the authorities of Mexico. However, the mysterious atmosphere around the 'ghost island' never let up. In 1997 authorities chose to learn more about the region (formally) to see what was going on about Bermeja. Where the isla was likely to be positioned contributing to even more puzzles and questions. Nothing was found by this established investigation. 'The island simply vanished!' my friend Misael pointed out one evening on Isla Mujeres in 2015. Some consider the cause of the place not existing is largely the U.S. In the year 2000, when the marine aspects of the U.S, as well as Mexico, were delimited, the island of Bermeja was nowhere to be observed to support its existence. A comprehensive investigation conducted a few years later by an Independent College in Mexico supported the absence of the Isla de Bermeja. In the 1970s, Bermeja Island functioned as a mark for Mexico to establish its 200-nautical mile economic zone. About 20 years after, the island vanished without a trace. Together with the Bermeja went important files including a treaty regarding leading oil reserves within the island’s area. The disappearance of these records instantly gave rise to conspiracy theories that the CIA had something related to the vanishing of Bermeja, ensuring that the US would get the petroleum.

The original theory has it that the CIA actually blew up Bermeja as a way to enlarge the U.S’s economic zone. After this unsuccessful hunt for the island, heaps of conspiracy theories and rumors had a common theme: PETROLEUM. What increases the enigma is the fact that it occurs at this point in history when a few US oil companies started to drill holes close to the boundary with Mexico in search of black gold. Senator José-Angel Conchello, a Mexican politician, reported that the Bermeja had been evaporated voluntarily by gringos in black suits (I made up black suit part.). They blew it up! Following this statement, Senator Jose Angel Conchello perished in a mysterious car crash. Is Bermeja real or not? The significance of the presence of Bermeja is highly interesting because if it does exist, it would be a variable that will help establish the bounds of exploitation rights of oil in the so-called Doughnut Holes situated in the Gulf of Mexico under corporate oil companies.

And that could be a lot of fun.

#ghostisland #Mexico

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