A Beach for Anxieties - Playa Norte

You haven’t come to Isla Mujeres to learn more about the intoxicated passengers in a golf cart or see the ancient temple of Ixcel (patron Mayan goddess). You’ve not been brought back by a yearning to try the local delicacy of coconut leave enveloped Oaxaca cheese and fresh fish. Your friends that are more complex in time-mandated desires would believe it a waste not to experience these treats Isla Mujeres has to offer. But on the slow drifting tide on Playa Norte, there are sandy recliners and hammocks under mini straw palapas on the beach with your name on marked in the sand. The water is refreshing and warm. To a small bungalow constructed near the reef, you look out from your balcony; adoring the sight of fractures and parched pink paint along the walls beaten from an angry sea. It speaks of week after week of craved heat. Almost for your life that is entire, it feels you've been craving a particular sun that is situated at this very spot and nowhere else. The surroundings in the north does feel benign on some days when the sun doesn't come out to play. You're always fending off something: the wind, rainy mornings, or the flu. Through the long fall and cold holiday season, you've been swaddling yourself in layers of garments. Even into the late month of May. Some debate whether someone could find their body pleasing to one's own eyes. A few eat for relaxation rather than nutritional value. You consistently need huge servings of apple pies or scones to go with your hot beverages. But deep within you, you feel like you are a creature primarily made for hot, lazy afternoons, bright lit, hot sweaty nights. Where you, a homo-sapien, were designed to live! But by smart, great effort and somewhat determined reasoning, we humans have been sustaining ourselves in mostly strange places which are faithfully wet, windswept, icy and dreary for most of the year and just erratically, carelessly anything else we care for in our heads some days. We’ve made good lives for ourselves up there in the north. But some places we ponder at what price. Sunny isn’t simply ‘nice.' It's genuinely needed for existence. It's an agent of ethical featured footage: of kindness, courage, the present moment's gratitude, confidence… Productive deposition seems impressive when the world looks bountiful through eyes lit by the sun. If you have a comfortable living, competition loses its advantages. There is no place in wanting to read into anything when it's so hot, and the light breeze becomes your savior. One is only in the moment. These are remedial perceptions. You will need the benefits of the south, the sun, and Playa Norte if the means of the north are also dominant and established in your life. You've come to sit on Playa Norte not because you are indolent or light-minded as others will have you believe. But precisely since you have grown to live by behavior – so severe, hardworking, disconnected from your body, over-cerebral and careful. It is a seriously noble search for intelligence and stability that led you below to a small beach in the Caribbean Sea - Playa Norte – for the world of sun treatment, black glasses, hammocks and vividly colored drinks from a place you will fight internally to leave at sunset.

If you find yourself on Playa Norte, please leave a message in the sand for me :)

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