Some Last Words for 2017

As usual, we set aside an opportunity to glance back at the year behind us and the year ahead; with incredible anticipation towards what will come. We take the lessons of the past with us and look unquestionably forward, as we do, secure in the learning that we are more human today than yesterday. Every day brings new obstacles and every day we address these challenges with grit and zeal thus conquering them with a little more ease.

The new year is the unfolding of a shiny new section in our lives that demonstrates to us that it's alright to relinquish the past and begin once more. And 2017 was an absolute rollercoaster. Some may have just observed the best year ever and look forward to an even greater one looming ahead. Others may have only trudged through one deep struggle after another. A fresh calendar year brings desperate hope for things to be better, with an ache for the still-fresh wounds to slowly begin their process of healing. Whether you’ve just walked through the most significant year of your life, or are incredibly glad to see it finally over, one truth still rings clear amidst it all. You are not alone.

It's a reset button for some. It's a chance to reexamine ourselves thoroughly, but only if we have the spirit to continue pushing ahead. It's one thing to take a seat and make the essential rundown of New Year's resolutions, and it's another to have the self-control to complete them by any deadline; any given day. I wish the best of luck to all that pursue their resolutions this year.

What are you willing to do any other way this year? What are you willing to forfeit to gain? How is this going to make you a better person for yourself and those you love? Or do you need to take that journey at all this year?

This year as opposed to taking a seat and formulating a gigantic rundown of resolutions and promises; You don't. You just take in a deep breathe and remind yourself it's just a tool.

I've been running down resolutions for a few years now. I am grateful for the learnings from these self-governed rules, but it's not always a successful feat and often not needed.

The successful ones: Completed a few personal promises for loved ones, published my first novel, quit smoking, continued with celibacy vows and the Anti-Romance Coalition(inner circle joke and excellent book title), motorcycled the Atlas mountains, and climbed the Sahara dunes in a djellaba fit for a king. FYI, it doesn't take much to start a wizard empire in Morocco if that's your cup of tea.

The unsuccessful ones: Being more available to friends and family, finish reading 'In Search of Lost Time', vanquishing spontaneous traveling from my life, and quit bacon and good cheese. Immensely enjoy the last three, so only continuing work on the first two. Well, maybe just the first one.

This year, I have decided on forgoing all my whacky rules I vow on New Year's Eve. No resolutions needed. I know whats good and bad for me. I am going to brilliant this year, and I believe everyone will do the same!

Those who might enjoy some advice on succeeding with new years resolutions; here are some words of an old tubby Tibetan monk who befriended me some years ago.

"Success is similar to wrestling an elephant. You don't quit when you are tired. You quit when the elephant is tired, skinny boy." - Yonten, Stakna Monastery 2013

Not sure if my tubby monk mate's advice will help out, but it's done a great deal for me over the years, and continues to do so.

I have the privilege of being inspired by people who continue to secure my belief in this vast world that's become an addiction and a small source of happiness. Grateful, and I am sure this will continue in 2018.

As we start another year, I hope we do as such with confidence in ourselves and others to elevate from harmful habits. This year, as with the ones to follow, will bring ups and downs. Each test unites one another to be more human, and every achievement makes us more grounded for a sounder future. We can accomplish anything we put our minds towards in 2018. I know that this coming year will just convey more noteworthy eminence to the individuals who look for it, and that is practically everybody I've had the extraordinary opportunity to call friend, family, and people I run into in life. You got this. On that note, as this New Year begins, let us compliment each other more and wish each other immense love and joy in the coming year more often than the last. More thankful for being alive and give everything we could ever hope for a chance to materialize in spectacular light.

Happy New Year Everyone!

(Please have a positive vision without bounds and seek after those dreams that make you smile consistently; not just for 2018. Always!)

#Newyears #Tubbymonk

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